Mayor Gay Ann Harney

Mayor - Honorable Gay Ann Harney

State of The City
Rockport, Indiana 2019

2018, was a bicentennial year for the City of Rockport. I would like to reflect on all the good the City of Rockport had been blessed with this past year. We started the year off with Rockport’s 200th birthday! It made it all the more special sharing this Bicentennial year with Spencer County. We had Summit Trucking, The Pain Clinic and the DCS Office move into downtown Rockport in 2018We welcomed Doctor Sherman back to the City of Rockport, along with a new restaurant called Darlena’s Lincolnland Diner. With a $500,000 grant, meant for the reinvestment into Main Street,we see the completion of the old Auto Parts Building The city also received an INDOT grant for $410,380.24With this grant 5th street was finally completed along with a total of eightstreets around the city that have been patched or repaved2018 saw Lincoln Pioneer Village getting many of the cabins remodeled or rebuild! I am sure that I have forgotten something, but this gives you some of the 2018 year in highlight. 

In 2019 we have so much to look forward to. A brand-new restaurant on main street, and Mackenzi’s Bar reopening. This should have us walking all over town to burn up the extra calories! The Wetherill Building should be under construction by the end of this year. This multi-use building is planned to be a 12-unit apartment building with 3-4 offices on the ground floor. We also received a much-needed $20,000.00 grant to purchase new playground equipment at the City Park and a $25,000.00 grant for cabin repairs at LPV

We have many events or festivals planned for the city this year. All of our Festivals that we have in the city have added to the hometown “let's get out of our homes and socialize like we use to”!

I would like to thank, A Better Rockport (ABR), Friends of Lincoln Pioneer Village, Blue on the Rock Board, the Fair Board, Christian Resource Center, Rocky Blanchard with Bluff City Pow Wow and, the South Spencer Kiwanis for giving us wonderful festivals in the city. I would also like to thank our very own street superintendent Darren Ewing for organizing the monthly Cruise In’s. 

My three years in office the City Council and Susie Roberts the Clerk Treasurer have worked together to move Rockport into a growing and active city. As look back on the three years in office, I have nothing but love and adoration to the hard-working City Employee’s. I also want to thank them for the wonderful jobs that they do every day. Each and every one of you, I know and I acknowledge your dedication to your job

Gay Ann Harney 
Rockport Mayor