Mayor Gay Ann Harney

Mayor - Honorable Gay Ann Harney

State of The City
Rockport, Indiana 2018

2017 has been a very busy and exciting time for the City of Rockport. Last year the City of Rockport
received well over 2 million in grants. With the support of the Rockport City Council, Rockport has been
pursuing grants for the improvements to our Parks, Roads, and infrastructure. None of these
improvements could be done without the City being fiscally sound.

The new year started with the City receiving its first INDOT grant for One Million Dollars for sidewalk,
curb, and gutter improvements to Main Street, Seminary, Ninth, and Sixth Streets.

The second grant came in March and was for $30,000. And it was awarded to do a feasibility study to
the “Old Auto Parts” building.

The third grant was awarded in July for the new “Art Park that will be located on the Corner of Fourth
and Main Street. The City was awarded a $50,000 Place Based Investment Fund Grant, from OCRA.
In September the city was awarded a $410,380.24 Community Crossing grant from INDOT. This grant will
repair some of the streets around Rockport.

In October the city was awarded the $500,000 OCRA Public Facilities Grant. This grant was written to
take the old Auto’s Parts building on Main Street and transform it into a usable space.

South Shore Clean Cities presented the city with a new street sweeper. This is the last grant awarded in
the amount of $229,880.00 to the City of Rockport.

2018 will be a year of change for the city. With all the projects that are going to be going on around our
city, this Bicentennial year will be one to remember. Association for a Better Rockport (ABR) along with
Clerk/Treasurer Susie Roberts, are busy planning a lot of activities for the year long celebration.

The City of Rockport is most fortunate to have such hard working and caring employees. The City’s
employees truly are the cities best resource. From the Street, Sewer, Water, School Crossing Guards,
City Hall, Park, Lincoln Pioneer Village, Pool and, Police Department, everyone is working hard to keep
you safe and the city running smoothly.

We have come a long way however we have a long road ahead of us. Let’s make our Bicentennial, 2018,
a “Building a Better Rockport” year.